I am proud to offer realistic nipple tattooing for survivors of breast cancer.  I am honored you are considering me, and will do my very best to help in your healing.

All of my services are performed in a private studio with locked doors and positive energy.

After being frustrated with the pink or brown circles pretending to be nipples I saw on survivors and knowing i could do a better job, I found the best teacher in the country. I completed an advanced two-week full time private course in specialty cosmetic tattooing with American Academy of Micro-Pigmentation board-certified teacher Cheryl Rosenblum of Atlanta, GA.

Mastectomy generally results in the loss of the nipples (along with some or all of the breast tissue). Whether a survivor has decided to have reconstructive surgery with implants or not, the lack of nipples can be very disconcerting for some survivors. "Barbie boobs" is a term I hear all to often from my clients before they come to get tattooed. 

We NEED to wait until your scars are fully healed before we can tattoo anywhere near them. "Fully healed" means not pink or raised. Scar tissue is really tricky to work with, and having it ready to go makes all the difference in the world. Ask your doctor what you can do to help the scars to heal better and faster. Products like Mederma and the like are very effective if used consistently.

Plastic surgeons are not trained in proper tattooing and completely miss the mark when it comes to creating realistic looking nipples that will help the survivor to feel complete. I'm not a plastic surgeon, therefore i do not perform plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons/nurses/aides are not professional tattooers, and they should not be tattooing patients. Often they will brag that they "took a class", which cannot compete with my 18+ years as a professional tattooer. Find the best plastic surgeon to do your surgery, and find the best tattoo artists to do your tattoos.

If you know prior to surgery that you are going to lose one or both nipples, please have a loved one take several photos of each of them, close-up, and also from a short distance. I would like to get as close to what your pre-op nipples/areola as possible, in size, shape, and color. You are also welcome to come see me for the pre-surgery photos if you prefer. If you're not particularly fond of your pre-op nipples/areola, or if you have found me after your surgery and do not have pre-op photos, not to worry! I will use guidance from you and my knowledge of color theory to create realistic nipples that look natural in shape, color, and placement.

Cost for this service is 350 for one nipple, 600 for both.

Fee includes a touch-up within one year. I generally do these tattoos a little bit lighter than what you might be expecting. My reasoning for this is that i can always make a tattoo darker, but i cannot make it lighter! The touch up includes me tightening up any details that may need a tweak here and there. The touch up generally takes no more than an hour at the most.

Some clients choose to have traditional tattoo design work instead of (or addition to) nipple simulation. Mastectomy scars are often quite intense in scope and lack of symmetry. Should you desire to get traditional work done by someone else, PLEASE make sure they have extensive experience in tattooing over healed scars.  If you decide you'd like beautiful tattoos to cover or work with your scars, please do not feel limited by what you see design-wise on other survivors who have gone this route. 

Generally speaking, more fluid/organic designs work very well for this type of work, especially if we are working with the scars instead of against them. I can draw pretty much anything you like, so keep an open mind. You're not required to get a pink ribbon if you don't want one! Traditionally, tattoos that represent strength and survival are very popular, but again, I can figure out how to make whatever you'd like work. I'm brutally honest, so if I truly feel a design you want isn't going to work, I will let you know and we will continue to brainstorm until it does.

Pricing for traditional tattooing (designs) is 200/hr, which is my standard rate.

Ornamental floral design used to take attention away from mastectomy scars.

Ornamental floral design used to take attention away from mastectomy scars.


Oftentimes, the nipples/areola take an intense beating during and after breast reduction/ breast lift surgery. After the nipples are reattached, it's very common for extreme pigmentation loss to occur. I'm able to work with whatever is left after the scars are fully healed. I add the proper colors to even out and modify the shape of the areola. Because this work is just as tricky as creating a nipple/areola from scratch, the cost is the same.

Micro-pigmentation of damaged nipple/areola after breast reduction surgery.

Micro-pigmentation of damaged nipple/areola after breast reduction surgery.

All before, during, and after photos help immensely promoting this important work. Out of respect for my clients, photos I use show only the actual tattoos and no identifying information whatsoever. Many survivors don't even know that this service exists to help them complete the process, so allowing me to share the results with our sisters is very important. Your selflessness is incredibly helpful in giving other survivors hope. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to working with you!