Hello Dawn,

I must thank you so much for your work on my Great Eastern Sun with Tibetan knot in the center on my back - i went to tibetan buddhist retreat in Crestone Colorado - it was such a beautiful and transcendant experience - just like getting the tattoo with you.

Thank you for directing the work - the size, the placement, the essence - your guidance was so important and you made it what it is - beautiful and perfectly placed and proportioned. You are an amazing guide and Goddess!!!!!!

Hey Miss Dawn Grace Awesome,
Thank you so much for the amazing tattoo.
It really is everything i wanted and more :)
you truly are awesome.
thank you again.


it's been about 5 hours since we met and you did my Celtic trinity knot tattoo for me. I just wanted to thank you once more for being so kind to me, and helping me get exactly what I wanted.

You made my first tattoo experience a great one, and I am so very thankful. The art work is fantastic, and you're a doll.

Should I decide I want another tattoo, I will definitely come looking for you!


Thanks again for the amazing job on my tattoo, it's the most well done thing i have on me.  You're attention to detail and congeniality made me feel like i finally found tattoo artist i can be comfortable with.

thanks again Dawn.


Hi Dawn-
Thanks again for the awesome tattoo- my dad said it was the best xmas present he ever got!

Hey Dawn!
Just wanted to let you know that everything went great with the healing of my tattoo--it looks incredible, I honestly cannot stop checking it out! I want to thank you again for the amazing job you did--and thank you for having such patience with not only the construction of my piece, but for a wimpy first-timer like myself! I can already feel the desire to plan another!
Hope you have a lovely holiday,

having lived with my tattoo for a full day, i had to tell you that i am even more in love with it now than i was last night.
i'm ecstatic to have a tattoo that i love the idea of wearing (and rocking) for the rest of my life.
thank you again for putting so much into it, doing such an amazing job and being so kind and professional.
i wish you the best and can't wait to work with you again someday!

Hey You,
The tattoo is doing great and have had so many great compliments. I can't thank you enough for all that you have done.
Love ya, D

hi dawn,
I LOVE MY TATTOO...you did a great job, thanks again for everything. everyone that has see it loves it and i have a few freinds that are in the market for some new tattoos so you might be getting a few new clients!

Thanks so much for yesterday! I love my new lady!
Enjoy Vegas and we will touch base when you return as Mike now really wants to get one and will throw some ideas at you!
Thanks again!!! Michelle

Hi Dawn, 
 I cannot thank you enough...I love, love, love it!!!!!  And I am so happy that you were able to do it for me (you were right about predicting that I would want to extend this tattoo in the future; I found myself thinking about how to cover my middle in a woodland theme, this morning on the way to work).  
Thanks again, 

I just wanted to say thanks again for my awesome tattoo.  And my old chinese characters look amazing, all my friends couldn't believe how you fixed it.  
Thanks again and see you in Prague !

Hi Dawn, 

Just wanted to thank you again for my fabulous tree. I absolutely love it. And I was very appreciative of the 24 hour endorphine rush when we sat in traffic in Gary for 3 hours Tuesday night! It gave me plenty of time to think of all of the other things I can add to it over time. 

Thanks again,


hey dawn-
thanks again for my tattoo last sunday.  it healed really nicely and looks great.  you did a beautiful job.
- brittany


just wanted to thank you again for everything. If could not tell I HATE needles due to a bad hospital experience as a kid. Just so glad to have this done....and well. Looks great.

Thanks and take care.


Hi Dawn,
Just wanted to send a friendly HI and say how much I enjoyed meeting you, working with you on the designed and getting inked in Vegas.  It was a fun long weekend.
As for the tattoo, it totally rocks!!!  It’s been healed up for the last couple weeks.  Only real itching I have gotten has been the hair growing back.  LOL  Everyone I have shown it to thinks it is amazing and very cool.  Even one long time friend, who only has seen it in pictures (since she is living in Idaho ), said it definitely represents me.  Thanks again for all the wonderful work you did.
Take care and hugs to ya,

 Dawn -

Just wanted to send you a big thanks for my tattoo!!!  It's healed wonderfully and everytime I get to show it off people are blown away by your beautiful work!  I give your card away and let people know everytime they ask how to get a hold of you and that you are the best!

I've got some ideas for what I'd love to do next so we'll have some more to talk about!

Thank you again for making it such a great experience when I got my first tattoo and also many, many thanks for your creativity, talent, and giving me something I am proud to have with me for the rest of my life!

Take care -


Hi Dawn! :)
I wanted to thank you again for doing my tattoo yesterday! :)  You are amazing and you made the experience very stress free and not too painful either!
Already have had several compliments on it -- including my dad and brother who BOTH want to come to you now! :)  
I hope you have a nice day - you are too sweet! 

Hi Dawn!!
I am safe and sound back in Kansas . Chicago was amazing and my very first tattoo experience was absolutely the best part of the trip! 
I can not thank you enough for doing this piece for me, you were the perfect artist for the job and I could not be more satisfied with the results. Everyone I have shown has said nothing but wonderful things, and my mother told me it is the most gorgeous work of art she has ever seen on a human body. :)
I have no idea when I will be back in Chicago , or when I will want my next tattoo, but I know exactly where to go when the time comes. Thank you so much for everything!!!!
Kaylee Marie

Hey Dawn,
My tattoo looks great.  The family loved it, my friends love it and of course I love it.  
Thanks so much!!!


I just wanted to thank you again for your incredible work. I truly adore my new tattoo.

It is healing beautifully and I couldn't be happier.

Thanks again!


The sequoia / redwood tattoo is healing up well, and a lot of people are noticing it and liking the artwork. Thanks again! Dave

Hi Dawn! I still love it!!! Thank you SOOO much! Love, Sarah

Thanks so much for the tattoo! We had to take pictures once Melissa got home since I was going to strain my neck looking at it again. I think it came out wonderfully well and my friends have said the same. Thanks very much for you patience through the process and your great artwork. This was an excellent first tattoo experience. Michael

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my Pisces ear tattoo. I've not had a moment's trouble with it from Day 1; no itching, scabbing, etc. You're an amazing artist and I'm thrilled that I got to meet you! Laura

Looks great so far! Thanks so much! Melissa

I just wanted to thank you again for doing such an amazing job on my tattoo. I am absolutely in love with it.  You are so talented and skilled.  Don’t be surprised if I come back wanting another one! Thanks again so much! Mae

Dawn, Thank you so much.  I absolutely love the tattoo.  Thank you for being patient with me. Thanks again, Alissa

My tat is looking great; healing smoothly.  It was a treat and a pleasure to meet and be decorated by you.  Take care and be well and happy. Theresa

Thanks again for my beautiful tattoo.....I love it!!!!


Hey dawn, I just wanted to get back in touch and tell you how much I love my tattoo.  You did an amazing job.  Whenever I decide what to add to the world that has been created on my arm, I’ll for sure be calling on your skills to make it come to life.  It’s healing up nice too. I sent a picture to my mom and told me she approves.  Ha-ha.
Thanks again! Stefen

Thank you so much for the beautiful work that you did on my tattoo.......  Everyone is amazed!  I love it so much! Matt

Hi dawn. 
I LOVE the feather. It is better than I ever expected it to be. 
Really, you did an awesome job. I did feel very comfortable with you. Stay like that with your customers!!  Thank you, Liz.

Dawn, Thank you so much my Maddie is wonderful you did such an amazing job, it is an awesome piece of artwork it’s the coolest tattoo I have ever seen, but I am slightly biased.

Hi Dawn,I just wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job on my Ma'at tattoo :) I've gotten so many compliments on how detailed and great looking it is.
Thanks again!Beth 

Dear Dawn, I just wanted to write and thank you profusely for doing my stingray tattoo!!! I absolutely love Ray-Ray and I am still in shock about how comfortable the process was. You are amazing and I feel very lucky to have you do my work! Stella

Hi Dawn! I just wanted to thank you again for your work on my arm. It is beautiful and even better than I could have imagined. Thanks for taking the time to draw it up especially for me and taking the time to make it perfect. It looks awesome, and I love it, love you, have a great holiday, and I will see you soon!  Tom

Hey Dawn I just wanted to thank you and tell you what an awesome job you did. I cannot believe the detail that you captured I am in awe of your work and Carmela and the kids are shocked and amazed at how good it looks. I f...ing love the tattoo and I can’t wait to show it off. THANKS AGAIN Chris

Hi Dawn-

So, my tattoo looks fabulous, I really, really love it.  If I hear of anyone looking for recommendations on an artist, I will certainly send them your way. Megan

Thank you very very much for all your work. I know I was a little bit squirmy, as you could tell; it's kind of hard for me to sit still. But we did it!!! Thanks a ton again! Michelle

Hey there, I just wanted to thank you again for the great job you did on my tattoo.  I really like the way it looks and even with my near fainting ( x 3 ) I'm so glad I did it.  I've given your name to a couple of people...I hope you'll become very popular! Arryn

Hey Dawn!
I just can not thank you enough for everything that
you have done! To me you did not just fix a bad
looking tattoo, that was much more to me then a bad
piece of art it was a mark on my body of the past I
once lived in and it has been a reminder to me of the
things that I have done that I wish I did not to me
you have given me knew life and gotten rid of
something that is reminiscent of that past life I know
this sounds a little off the edge but it almost makes
me feel like a knew person thanks to you! 
Thank you so much you have literally and figuratively
marked me for life! See you soon, 

Hello lovely lass from Chicago !! Thanks for amazing work so happy, topped a great trip. Take care, and hope to see u again someday in London ! Cheers, Graham

Hi Dawn,

Just wanted to let you know that the tattoo healed beautifully and you did an awesome job.  I love it, it is bad ass!!!!  Everyone else likes it too.  Just wanted to let you know and say thanks again.  Bri

Hi Dawn,
I just wanted to write and thank you again for the absolutely beautiful job you did on my tattoo...thanks for taking the time to work with me to find exactly what I wanted, and for creating the drawing ahead of time...I absolutely love it and I truly could not be happier. I will recommend you and sing your praises to anyone I know who has even the slightest inclination to get a tattoo.
Thanks again...I truly appreciate it.

Hello Dawn-
I saw you last Monday for a tattoo with my daughters' names and things are going great.  I am keeping moisturizer on it and there have been no issues.
I think your work is amazing and everyone to whom I show it says something along the lines of "You have a piece of art on your arm."  And that is how I feel about it too.  I love it more each day.
Thanks and I know I'll be looking you up again when next I want another.
Peace!  Jason Kae

Hi Dawn!

I wanted to drop you a note for 2 reasons!  First to tell you how amazing my tattoo is!  (Reminder, I'm the yarn, knitting needles, crab apple blossoms and gold finches!) I get complements on it everywhere I go and everytime I look down at it I fall more in love.  It's by far my favorite piece and I'm already planning the next piece I want you to do....I think I started planning it the day after I got this one!  

Well I hope everything's going well with you!


I hope everything has been going well! My tattoo has healed beautifully!
Thanks again- I get so many compliments on your wonderful work!
~Kirstin, Chicago, IL

Hi Dawn,
Everyone is raving about your beautiful work, and I really appreciated the excellent care you provided. You are an AMAZING artist, and I'm so glad my first tattoo experience was with you. Take care, and I'll return in 2-3 months for a picture for your website. BTW, we're healing just fine.
Again, many thanks!!!   Colleen (and Julie too)

hi dawn,
hopefully this finds you well.  you did a fabulous magnolia tattoo on
my side about a month ago.  let me know when you're in the shop and i
can stop by for you to take some pics.  i can't believe the quality of
your work!
Best regards, Jennifer< Chicago, IL

Hey Dawn-

Just dropping you a quick line to let you know how much I appreciate your making my 1st tattoo (and today's touch-up) a memorable and positive experience.  I loved it when you originally did it and you did a great job on the minor touch-up work done today.

I am glad I waited to get my first tattoo.  I know I made the right choice (in design, placement, timing, AND artist) when thought of having the tattoo for the rest of my life isn't a concern or worry, but rather a positive experience that makes me feel good every time I look at (or even think about) it.  Funny, how such a personal expression of one's self can so heavily rely on someone else to be realized.  Thank you.


Ed, Chicago, IL

Heya Dawn,
Just really wanted to say thank you for the long sitting and to let you know when I get some really nice pics (i am trying to find someone to take some now) I will def send you them...
Wish I had more time in Chi-Town....I will come back cuz I loved it...
Peace & Power, Soni, Los Angeles, CA


thank you so much for the tattoo,  its awesome and the re outline of the other one make it all look new again.  your the best.  If you ever come down to indy let me know I owe you some drinks. 
Matt, Indianapolis, IN

Hey Dawn,
Just wanted to let you know first and foremost that I am extremely satisfied. It's everything I had hoped for and I just wanted to thank you very much for the entire experience. I will definetly be scheduling another appointment when I get back from my trip. Again thank you so much.
R Ferguson, Chicago, IL

Hello Dawn,
I would just like to say thank you so much for this tattoo, I love it and my mom cried (good cry, not bad cry) when she saw my brothers initials in the tree. I couldn't be happier with my tattoo and I hope to work with you again someday.
Thanks again, Corey, WI

Hey Dawn!
my ink is getting lots of compliments.  You'll hopefully have a couple people coming your way in the near future for their own DG originals....
truly, Jen, Chicago, IL

Hi Dawn :)  
Just wanted to let you know that the rose tattoo you did sunday looks great.  It's healing well- no problems.  I love it!  I was checking out your tattoo galleries on Flickr; your work is absolutely gorgeous.  Of course I have more ideas brewing for future tattoos :)  Thank you again Dawn :) 
Have a good day!  Beth, Chicago, IL

I wanted to thank you again- I love this tattoo!  Thank you again for all your hard work!
~Kirstin, Chicago, IL

Hi Dawn,
First off, I want to thank you for the beautiful tattoo!  Over the past two months it has healed wonderfully and I love my elephant more and more everyday.  It was/is exactly what I wanted.  Unfortunately since it's the dead of winter now, I really don't have a chance to show it off.  I'll have to wait a good six months from now to do that!  
Thanks and Happy 2010! Arielle, Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for doing such nice work for me.  I am thrilled to have your expertise as part of my collection and look forward to additions in the future.
Have a great new year, Kelly, Chicago, IL