Tattoo Design

I do commissioned drawings for tattoos, which range from $100-350 (or more, if it's really big), with re-draws ranging from $50 and up (again, depending on how much work I have to do), which is payable *in advance* via paypal. The price depends on what i will be drawing.

I generally have a 2 week or less turnaround time for commissioned drawings, but it can be longer if it's a big piece, or I'm out of town.

Bear in mind that many artists do not like to tattoo the super intricate work that I enjoy doing. Everyone has their strengths, so you will really need to do your homework and look at a lot of portfolios to find someone likes doing detailed tattoos, and does them well.

I do travel throughout the year, and if you really love my work, it’s better to get tattooed by me than to just have me draw it.


Graphic and Fine Art

I really enjoy doing concert/tour posters for bands I love (or even kind of like). The majority of my poster design is for The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Other bands I have done posters for include The High Dials, Ghost, and In Solitude, along with a number of one-off projects.  

I am able to design album covers, t-shirts & merch, logos, and whatever your heart desires. 

My concert posters can be ordered for $10 USD plus shipping. If you'd like to purchase a poster, or would like to commission me to do one, please use the contact form to get ahold of me.

I also offer design services for small businesses and corporations. I do logos, print work, decorating of inanimate objects, typography. I know many designers and artists i can refer you to should you need something I am unable to do.